Ruins, Ravages & Ceremonies

A forgotten monument, a structure with few clues. Perhaps a holy place. Overgrown and abandoned to the critters. Or a scaffold presided over by the fell priest offering sacrifices to the demanding spirit. All our accomplishments overgrown and inhabited by those who care not for our dramas. The innocent suffering for the ambitions of the greedy and power hungry.

Okay, okay. So it’s cliché-ick when you put it in writing. Wah-wah-wah.

Still, it is our drama. Has been for thousands of years.

And it all began with doodles. And a computer. No, no. I don’t mean, “In the beginning there were doodles and computers.” For me it began wi…. Oh, you got it. Well, okay.


Paper-maché, paper, acrylic, wood, sand, pebbles, vegetation.  2009.  12” x 7” x 9” .



Wood, paper-maché, plastic, wire, sand, paint.  2012.  24” x 19” x 16”.



Wood, paper-maché, polyurethane foam, resin, vegetation, paint, rope.  2014.   29” x 16” x 20”.