Art as an exploration of our affinities by means of the various media available to us. I use paint and pencil, wood and steel, plastic and paper-maché. I paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, grow weeds.

Me as an artist. I don’t think that’s strange. Once I was a financial analyst. Now that was strange.

Affinities as what motivate us to create because a thought, a word, a vision  touches what is already there, internal to us.

Influences as permission to pursue affinities.

Me as not growing up with Art, so that when I became an art student at Bard College, I became wrapped around the axle over the question, “What is Art?” I spoke to one of my instructors, Murray Reich, and he said, “Jim, it’s not about Art. It’s about Pursuing an Idea.”

My Pursuing Ideas as a wide spectrum of work with no concise way to tie it up in a neat little package.

Thus, each section of my website has a discussion of where I think that work came from. The bottom line is, however, to not get absorbed in explanations but to simply look at the work and see if you connect to it.